My story

When my eldest child was 2 years old she developed chronic constipation. It became so bad that she could only pass stools once a week and caused her great discomfort and pain. Following many visits to the GP, I was referred to a consultant gastroenterologist whose solution was to give her some medication for her symptoms. Unfortunately the medication just made her extremely bloated. I could not understand why my daughter had this condition, having a good balanced diet.

As a busy mother of 3, I understand the constraints we have in our lives and take this into account when devising my clients’ plans.

I wanted to find out what was causing this and a friend had recommended seeing a nutritionist. The nutritionist worked on finding the root cause of the symptoms. Following her recommendations of a dairy wheat and egg free diet, some good quality probiotics and some simple  food suggestions my daughter’s bowels were working normally within a few weeks. My daughter was able to reintroduce all the foods back into her diet within a year without any detrimental effect.

I worked in the highly stressful fashion industry as a buyer, and as a consequence of the stress and a busy family life, I began to suffer with IBS type symptoms and decided that I needed to do something about it.

This inspired me to find out more about nutrition and I soon became passionate about it. I decided to apply to study at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine and following a 3 year intensive course I graduated as a Nutritional Therapist and have not looked back since!  I not only managed to eliminate my IBS symptoms but discovered how much Nutritional Therapy can support countless people with a myriad of debilitating chronic conditions that they just put up with. I also learned through personal experience just how much better you can feel by making simple but effective changes to your diet and firmly believe that the food we eat has a vast effect on our health and wellbeing.

I currently run one to one clinics and specialised group workshops in North London and North West London. Additionally, I write weekly ‘Nutritional Nuggets’ for the organic vegetable box organisation ‘Field to Fork Organics’ which aims to support local farmers and the local community.

“ I have suffered from severe IBS for more than 12 years. Marcelle was really gentle and informative in our sessions. I found I could discuss all the awkward symptoms without embarrassment and she recommended appropriate supplements and alterations to my diet. She has also been readily available to answer any of my doubts or queries since the appointment. The supplement she recommended is an absolute power burst! In the two months I’ve been taking it, my hair and nails have grown longer and stronger than ever before and I haven’t had a single cough or cold, which I’m normally very prone to. Avoiding certain foods also helped reduce some of my symptoms. “
— HG, Female University Graduate, 24 Years