IIn order to understand your current health issues, your goals and to work through a new eating plan, consider supplements and possible clinical testing, I offer 3 different programme structures to really support this process. Working together over a period of time is far more effective, where you will have the continuous and regular support you need.

My individualised programmes depend on the level of support needed which incorporate motivational health coaching and will typically involve the following elements and include fortnightly or weekly support to help you to implement the recommendations for the duration of 12 weeks:-

  •  Health and Nutrition Questionnaire assessment prior to the consultation

  • Initial consultation assessment – 1.5 hours

  • Review  consultations – either face to face or via phone/ Skype/Facetime

  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation if applicable

  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress

  • Coaching to identify personal challenges and overcome barriers to change 

  • Personalised nutrition advice

  • Fully individualised nutrition plan report and additional support handouts

  • Updated nutrition plans throughout the process.

  • Personalised supplementation plan if required

  • Full Body Composition analysis including Weight, BMI, Body fat %, Muscle Mass, Metabolic Age if required

  • Research and analysis relating to your case

  • Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretation

  • Email support

Programme Fees start from £295

Please book a free discovery call to discuss how I can help you. 


The 21-day Digestion Rescue Plan- £29

The 21-day Digestion Rescue Plan is part information, part diet plan and it's designed to help you optimise your digestive health and improve your symptoms. It will also help you understand what other factors might be impacting on your symptoms and which tests might be relevant for you to consider.
The programme includes all you'll need to make an informed decision about what might be going on for you PLUS 21 days of easy-to-prepare meals and snacks for you to enjoy.
In this course you will learn:

  • The root cause of your digestive issues

  • What your digestive symptoms are telling you

  • What foods to eat to heal

  • How to eat for to improve your digestion and regain your energy

  • Which tests might be relevant to resolve your gut issues

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Group Programmes

I run group programmes which incorporate Nutritional Therapy with Motivational Health Coaching. Group programmes are usually 6- 8 weeks long and programme topics range from Children’s Nutrition, Energy and Blood Sugar Regulation to Autoimmunity and Weight Loss. Group programmes are interactive, informative and fun whilst providing accountability, support and motivation needed to achieve what you set out to do.

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Prices vary depending on the length and nature of the workshop. Please contact me for further details.



Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit/debit card prior to the appointment or by cash on the day.

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I went to see Marcelle, as I had been having severe headaches for a long time. I have tried everything over the years from acupuncture, eliminating wheat, migraine clinic, injections to the forehead, medical practitioners, medication  (so much medication that I actually got hooked on it)  so I thought this would be a last resort.

I was given a thorough consultation having filled out an in-depth form.  It was very easy to discuss all my ailments and Marcelle understood exactly my medical symptoms. She advised certain foods I should avoid and certain foods I should eat in order to get the correct balance of nutrients which suited my own ailments.  I then received a personalised eating plan which included just a few supplements. I have been following this and have found a great improvement to my quality of life.  There is nothing in my plan that I do not enjoy eating and it is not a drastic change but enough for me to feel healthier all round.

I do not now take any medication for headaches and can easily manage the few headaches I get on the rare occasions as they are very mild. I continue to eat a healthier diet and I can really feel the difference to my well being.

I would like to thank Marcelle for all her help and look forward to seeing her again in a few months for a follow up.
— LL, Male Company Director, Aged 66