• Nutritional Therapy degree level diploma from the College of Naturopathic medicine.

  • Master Practitioner of Eating disorders and Obesity - advanced Diploma from The National Centre for Eating Disorders

  • I am fully registered with the Complimentary and natural health care council (CNHC). This has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.(PSA)

  • I am a full member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy).

  • The College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Nutritional Therapy diploma is fully accredited by the NTEC (Nutritional Therapy Education Commission)

  • Health Coach training and Zest 4life associate practitioner with Zest 4life

Ongoing Training

To give the best guidance to my clients, I keep up to date with the latest nutritional research and scientific developments by attending educational events in specialist areas.

These are some of the recent conferences and seminars attended:  

  • ‘Auto –immunity’ Conference organised by CAM conferences

  • ‘Mental Health the Nutrition Connection’ conference organised by the Brain Bio Centre

  • ‘Nutritional Aspects-Breaking Chronic cycles’ Seminar organised by Bio Nutri 

  • ‘Thyroid Health’  organised  by Nutri Advanced 

  • ‘Funny About Foods’ (Children’s Health)  organised by Biocare

  • ‘Food intolerance’ seminar organised by Cambridge Nutritional science

  • Implementing Nutrigenomics seminar organised by Cytoplan

  • ‘The Gut Imperative’ Seminar organised by Biocare 

  • ‘Weight Loss- A Functional Nutritional Approach Seminar by Lamberts

  • ‘Autoimmune Conditions seminar organised by Lamberts

  • ‘Gene Talk’ organised by Premiere Research Labs

  • ‘Minerals and body function in the 21st Century’ organised by Premiere Research Labs 

  • ‘The Biological Blue print’ organised by Biocare

  • Recent Advances in Nutritional Therapy for Mental Health  organised by Viridian

I came to see Marcelle because I was suffering from severe bloating and IBS. I had been suffering with this for a long time and despite seeing other medical and homeopathic professionals, and implementing many of their suggestions, the problem did not disappear. Marcelle was excellent at analysing my condition and giving me excellent remedies that I could incorporate into my busy life. Within a short space of time my bloating and IBS was minimised, and eventually it disappeared. Marcelle was amazing at understanding my concerns and gave me effective suggestions as to how to deal with it. As a result I have no more pain and my energy levels and sleeping patterns have improved.
— I.W, female, Mother of 2, aged 45