The Broad Bean


This versatile vegetable, also known as the fava bean, is highly nutritious and has numerous health benefits. Broad beans may help to reduce cholesterol, contain anti-cancer phytonutrients and are good for the nervous system and colon health. They are also a great source of plant protein and fibre.

Broad beans contain many B vitamins including folate and thiamine and the mineral magnesium. These nutrients are particularly important for the nervous system and help to support brain function.

Broad beans are rich in phytonutrients including isoflavones. Research conducted, illustrated how some of these isolated nutrients may help to protect against breast cancer and have a number of additional health benefits.

The fibre content of broad beans, can contribute to maintaining a healthy colon, thus supporting the digestive system, by reducing the colon’s exposure to toxins. The fibre may also help to reduce cholesterol by decreasing re-absorption of cholesterol binding bile acids in the colon.     

Broad beans can be enjoyed in many dishes including soups, stews, risottos and stir fries. Alternatively, combine with feta in a delicious salad or create a broad bean pesto with parmesan, basil and a dash of olive oil. 

My Nutritional Nugget for written for 'Field to Fork Organics'