New 4 Week Healthy Eating Online Programme


Starting: October 29th

Ends: November 25th

Price:£49 -early bird offer £39 if booked by 21st October

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My brand new 4 week, Autumn Reset Programme will show you how to eat healthily for the LONG TERM to maintain optimum health and well being, whilst still enjoying your food- no faddy diets, restrictions or calorie counting.

This is also totally for you if you want to kick the sugar cravings, reset your metabolism for fat burning, restore energy levels and boost your mood.

It’s great value and I’ve had fantastic feedback from my previous programme

This is what some of the participants said:

“I was aware of how to improve my eating habits but I was lazy and busy so would grab rubbish on the go, finish kids' food, succumb to 'treats' with little hesitation.Since doing the challenge, I have definitely become more mindful of how I eat in general and I loved being part of a 'support' group. I have made some lasting, simple changes.

Marcelle is great. Organized, professional, approachable, she offers loads of guidance, motivation and is always close by for support. “ I.B

“The reboot challenge expertly lead by Marcelle has taught me to experiment more with my foods and be more creative in the kitchen.Never felt like a diet but has given me exactly what is says, a reboot for my palate and some news tastes for me and my family to try and like!!Even for someone like me how doesn’t enjoy cooking, the reboot recipes were practical and surprisingly goodFeel less need for sugary fast foods and enjoying more nutritious and healthy options!!D.G

"I've really enjoyed the challenge and learning more about how my body has reacted to the change. I feel so good, more energy and a little boost in confidence, having lost some weight and inches. Have loved the recreating the recipes and I know that I will continue following the plan when I'm at home but allow myself to relax if I'm out. " LB

“It's definitely worth it!!! I lost over half a stone and inches on my waist!!!” AJ

“Before starting the programme , my eating pattern was generally ok though it was carb heavy which often left me feeling sluggish & bloated. Now I have more energy and I am less sluggish. I am most happy about my weight loss. My advice to others thinking about doing the plan is just do it, it’s money well spent as you will see the results pretty quickly!” KO


• A brand new Autumn Reset resource pack, including seasonal family friendly recipes that are easy to make or prepare; simple, tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. This includes vegetarian/vegan options. There are no specialist health foods – just the stuff you'd find in any old supermarket. ( it’s yours to keep to use forever too!)

• This is a virtual programme run via a private Facebook group. Check in whenever suits your schedule. You'll have access to your programme anytime, anywhere. I'll be in the group every day giving tips, motivating you, holding your hand and answering your questions

• Expert advice: Nutritional advice + support from a Registered Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach. Facebook Q&A to deal with challenges and questions.

• Not another 'diet': Make it actually happen with motivational support and accountability from your coach. Experience the transformation.

All for just £49!

BUT I’m doing a special early bird offer for £39 if you sign up before 21st October.

Email me to book your place