7 DAY SUGAR FREE CHALLENGE, Juicing v’s Smoothies and recipes!


Special announcement… my FREE 7 day sugar free challenge is starting Today!

It’s hardly a newsflash that we eat too much sugar. I know that you know that eating sugar isn’t doing you any favours. I can tell you right now that your sugar habit is the reason you’re not losing weight, you experience cravings, and your energy levels are on the floor.

But cutting it out (or even cutting down) can feel hard – especially if you have spent years using sugary treats to give you enough energy to get through the day or as a reward for something you achieved.

My free challenge is exactly what you need to break free from sugar, lose a few pounds and start to feel the most amazing version of yourself.

Here’s what you’ll get:

·      Understand where sugar is sneaking into your diet

·      Discover easy swaps for breakfast and snacks (usually the worst offenders)

·      Get daily prompts to help you put the ideas into practice

·      Accountability and support through my closed Facebook group because knowing what to do is only part of the solution.

·      And if you don’t already have it, my 10-page guide to breaking free from sugar

Want to take part? Of course you do! The challenge starts Today and takes place in my Facebook group Fuss Free Healthy Eating. To join us click https://www.facebook.com/groups/FussFreeHealthyEating/