30 Day Spring Reboot Programme coming soon!

Spring Reboot ProgrammeComing soon!.png

This is what some of the past participants said about previous programmes:

“I was aware of how to improve my eating habits but I was lazy and busy so would grab rubbish on the go, finish kids' food, succumb to 'treats' with little hesitation.

Since doing the challenge, I have definitely become more mindful of how I eat in general and I loved being part of a 'support' group. I have made some lasting, simple changes.

Marcelle is great. Organized, professional, approachable, she offers loads of guidance, motivation and is always close by for support. “


“The reboot challenge expertly lead by Marcelle has taught me to experiment more with my foods and be more creative in the kitchen. 

Never felt like a diet but has given me exactly what is says, a reboot for my palate and some news tastes for me and my family to try and like!! 

Even for someone like me how doesn’t enjoy cooking, the reboot recipes were practical and surprisingly good!

Feel less need for sugary fast foods and enjoying more nutritious and healthy options!!”