How to make a healthy version of this classic takeaway favourite......


Ditch the takeaway and make this super-healthy pizza instead! It makes a fabulous weekend meal for all the family- simple to throw together and tasty too!

This recipe was taken from my next 28 day- Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme starting on 16th June. I’m offering a special early bird price of £49 until 12th June. Thereafter price will be £59.

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Summer Shape Up 28 Day Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme

Would you like to establish healthy habits , restore energy levels, reset your metabolism and reduce cravings ?

There’s no deprivation, restriction or  calorie counting – just tasty, simple, easy-to-prepare, meal options in a 46-page meal plan, that you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

✅ This is a 28-day eating plan based on real, unprocessed whole foods, low starchy carbohydrates, good complex carbohydrates, lean protein and  healthy fats. NO calorie, or points counting allowed!

✅ Easy to prepare meals that are family friendly.

✅ Accessible anytime, anywhere via a private Facebook group this is a virtual plan that you can manage to suit your busy schedule.

✅ Health questionnaire at the beginning and completion of the plan to assess progress.

✅ Exclusive online access through a private Facebook group to nutritional advice and support from Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, Marcelle Rose

✅ Daily nutrition and lifestyle tips on digestion, cravings, sleep and more!

✅ Facebook live Q&A's to answer questions and deal with any challenges

✅ A programme support pack including a flexible meal planner, shopping list and recipes.

✅ Digital book of recipes/meal plans: can be used on a smartphone, tablet or print out.

✅ Member of a supportive private Facebook group.

✅ Your investment: £59 (early bird Price £49 if booked by 12th June)

What previous participants have said:

“I’ve felt mentally and physically better, had more energy and lost weight. I’m happy now that I know what I need to do to get over cravings - I’d been really struggling in the evenings and have felt so much better on the programme. Your meal plans had just the right amount of variety without overwhelming me with too much choice. I can look at healthier eating as not just normal eating less the tasty things but as replacing food that doesn’t make me feel good with food that does. I finally made some fit fudge as an occasional treat to celebrate! I’m sure the test will come now but remembering the 80/20 rule. Thank you!

“I just wanted to say a big thank you Marcelle Rose. I’d been struggling to lose the last of my baby weight and as a tired and busy Mum I had lost the motivation to make good food choices. You’ve given me inspiration, some new knowledge and great recipes which all the family can enjoy.”

“I love the recipes you provided and I have definitely come out of my comfort zone in terms of cooking”

“Thanks so much Marcelle. Have discovered some new family favourites (we all loved the healthy fish and chips last night) and reset my eating pattern for sure.”

“Since doing the challenge, I have definitely become more mindful of how I eat in general and I loved being part of a 'support' group. I have made some lasting, simple changes.

Marcelle is great. Organised, professional, approachable, she offers loads of guidance, motivation and is always close by for support.”

“Before starting the programme, my eating pattern was generally ok though it was carb heavy which often left me feeling sluggish & bloated. Now I have more energy and I am less sluggish. I am most happy about my weight loss. My advice to others thinking about doing the plan is just do it, it’s money well spent as you will see the results pretty quickly!”

“I've really enjoyed the challenge and learning more about how my body has reacted to the change. I feel so good, more energy and a little boost in confidence, having lost some weight and inches. Have loved the recreating the recipes and I know that I will continue following the plan when I'm at home but allow myself to relax if I'm out.”

“It's definitely worth it!!! I lost over half a stone and inches on my waist!!!”


Anyone, female or male, who is interested in improving their overall health and energy and getting ready for the summer. This works for those busy juggling ‘life’; recipes are family friendly so there is no need to cook different meals for other family members and the programme fits nicely around work schedules too!

You may be interested in nutrition but not quite ready to commit to a full nutrition programme. You may feel that you are generally healthy or have already completed a nutrition programme and need some additional support to keep you on track.

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