More about Brilliant Broccoli!

Broccoli has such a range of health benefits that I felt it necessary to write another 'nutritional nugget' for this super green veg; so here is 'Brilliant Broccoli' part two!

Broccoli is beneficial for its cholesterol lowering properties, for providing detoxification supporting nutrients and for those individuals taking supplemental vitamin D.

Broccoli has a unique combination of 3 key phytonutrients that help to promote all the stages of detoxification. Broccoli can therefore support the elimination of unwanted toxins in our body!

Broccoli can do wonders for individuals requiring high dose vitamin D supplementation. This is because the good levels of vitamin K and beta carotene found in broccoli work together to maintain the balance of vitamin D levels within the body.

Broccoli can offer cholesterol lowering advantages, if the broccoli is cooked by steaming. This cooking method improves the binding process of the fibre to the bile acids in our digestive system. This will encourage the elimination of bile which can consequently help to lower cholesterol levels. 

The healthiest way to cook broccoli, is to first leave the cut broccoli for 1 or 2 minutes to boost its beneficial qualities, before steaming it for a maximum of 5 minutes.

My weekly ‘Nutritional Nugget’ written for Fields to Fork Organics

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