Nutrient Spotlight on Magnesium

What is it important for?

•    Relaxing all the muscles in our body
•    Providing nervous system support, especially when anxious or stressed
•    Immune system support
•    Involved in blood sugar regulation
•    Maintenance of heart muscle
•    Supporting bone health
•    Regulating unwanted inflammation
•    Role in energy production

Did you know…...? 

70% of tissue magnesium is stored in bones and teeth

So how can we include it in our daily diet?

•    Dark green leafy vegetables including spinach and chard
•    Seeds and nuts e.g. pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, almonds ,cashews
•    Beans e.g. black beans, navy beans, soy beans
•    Quinoa

An easy magnesium rich recipe idea...............

Quinoa salad 

•    Cook a portion of quinoa as per pack instructions but add a teaspoon of miso paste while it cooks
•    Add a handful of chopped spinach , tomato, cucumber and half an avocado
•    Dress with lemon juice, sesame oil and a splash of tamari sauce
•    Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds
•    Devour!

My weekly ‘Nutrient Spotlight’ written for Fields to Fork Organics

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