Nutritional Therapy can benefit you by helping you to make realistic and effective diet and lifestyle changes

Do you always feel tired and lacking in energy? Are you confused about what foods are actually good for you? Would you like some easy-to-follow advice on healthy eating for you and your family?

With so many conflicting messages about food all around us, it can be hard to know what a healthy diet looks like. But even small changes to the way you eat can make a big difference to how you feel. That’s where Nutritional Therapy comes in.

I am a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist and will work with you to inspire, educate and empower you to take control of your health, so that you will feel and look your best.

I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and will create a targeted nutrition plan to suit your individual needs, as well as encouraging and supporting you through the process. My recommendations are based on scientific evidence and research, backed up by clinical experience.

So whether you’re looking to manage your health, boost your energy, or just kick-start a healthier way of eating, I can help. Please get in touch to find out more.

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How can Nutritional Therapy help you?

Improve ill health

Optimise energy levels

Weight management

Manage food intolerances

Reduce sugar cravings

Enhance general health

The way I Work 

I work closely with my clients to achieve the best outcome by investigating the root cause of conditions. This enables me to support the body systems under strain and as a result alleviate symptoms. I aim to illustrate the possible links between your symptoms, the food you are eating and lifestyle. I do not believe in eliminating foods without providing alternatives and ideas to be able to make the plan work for you.

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Latest News

I came to see Marcelle as I have suffered with kidney stones, have high cholesterol and needed some help with my diet. Marcelle gave me advice on how to make changes that would help minimise the chances of recurrent kidney stones and reduce cholesterol levels. Marcelle took in to account my busy lifestyle and gave me alternative foods and recipe ideas that my wife and I could implement easily. Marcelle also gave me guidance on supplements that would benefit me, especially taking my medication in to account. Following my consultations, I began to feel much better.
— MF, Male Solicitor, 43 Years